Fuzzy Object Oriented MultiMedia Database Design and Development

In this project, we have developed an intelligent and fuzzy object-oriented database model and system for multimedia applications. In more detail, we can summarize the researches and developments done in this project as follows: Firstly, the fuzzy object oriented database model (FOOD), which had been developed by researchers before, is extended to handle multimedia applications. A new conceptual database model which is specific for multimedia applications is introduced. Secondly, a fuzzy index structure is developed to access new data types. With this index, it is possible to access the objects existing in videos more efficiently. Thirdly, a knowledge-based system is developed and integrated to achieve an intelligent system. The knowledge-based system consists of an inference engine and a knowledge base. It is tightly integrated to the database to use objects in the database as its facts. The inference engine has the capability to evaluate uncertain and fuzzy data and to produce fuzzy conclusions.  Finally, a prototype of the proposed model is developed, some selected videos are annotated through the developed user interfaces and the system is tested.

The project has been terminated in 39 months with a three months extension. In the project, two researchers, who are expert on fuzziness, fuzzy logic, object-oriented database, knowledge-based systems and multimedia database applications, and one expert on multimedia, have been worked. An opportunity is provided for 4 PhD and 6 Ms students, who took responsibility during different terms of the project, to work on and terminate their thesis. In addition, it is evaluated that the obtained results of the project fill a big gap in the academic literature. During project, 3 SCI (2 SCI +1 SCI-E) papers and 13 international conference papers, which make 16 in total, are published.

This project is supported under the SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL RESEARCH PROJECTS SUPPORT PROGRAM by TUBITAK with the grant number 106E012.




  • FooMM Client is based on Java and Java Web Start (JWS) technology. Player module uses Java Media Framework(JMF) for multimedia handling.
  • Mandatory Requirement: Java Runtime Environment (JRE 1.5+)